November 15, 2008, The Barents Hockey League (BHL) was established. BHL is a series of games held each season and hockey team from Norway, Finland and Russia participate. In the first season six teams tok part in the tournament. The teams was: Ivalo, Kirkenes, Zapoljarny, Nikel, Sputnik and Murmansk. Sputnik tok part in the first and second season. Sputnik is a team from a soldier camp in Pechenga who can`t attend tournaments held abroad. It was therefore difficult to participate in BHL. In season 2012-2013 seven teams attended: Kirkenes puckers, Tromso, Ivalo, Nickel, Zapoljarny, Murmansk and Olenegorsk. BHL also run hockey series for children. The junior and senior series engages approx. 600 people where figure skating also is part of BHL organization. Figure skaters from Murmansk, Olenegorsk and Tromsø performances in all hockey tournaments.

Historical medal standings:
2009: 1. Sputnik (Gold), 2. Murmansk (Silver), 3. Ivalo (Bronze)
2010: 1. Sputnik, 2. Murmansk, 3. Ivalo
2011: 1. Murmansk , 2. Tromsø, 3. Ivalo
2012: 1. Murmsk, 2. Olenegorsk, 3. Ivalo
2013: 1. Murmansk, 2. Olenegorsk, 3. Tromsø
2014: 1. Murmansk, 2. Ivalo, 3. Olenegorsk
2015: 1. Olenegors, 2. Tromsø Stars, 3. Murmansk
2016: 1. Murmansk, 2  Tromsø Stars, 3. Ivalo
2017: 1. Tromsø Stars, 2. Murmansk, 3

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